Small Home Office Ideas

We created a WFH space that looked professional for online meetings and enabled my client to be his most productive self! 

Small Home Office Ideas - hero image

The Inspiration

“Form & Function.” 

Incorporating a stand-up desk and an ergonomic chair, we renovated this home office with new floors, wall panelling and custom-made cabinetry. We considered the backdrop and the acoustics in the room for important online video meetings and created a space that my client was proud to go to work in each day. 
As a residential interior designer, we can work with small spaces that have unusual layouts, often they are areas that don’t feel as though they have a function. Here we have turned a small room into a place that feels purposeful and will now be used every day. 

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“The hallway acts as an important gateway into the rest of the home and my client wanted it to feel cozy and inviting. They enlisted my help to add character to this small space.”