What is my Interior
Design Style?

I love mixing the old with the new, having influences from different cultures and creating something unexpected.

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Hi, I'm KP and I'm obsessed with brass, colour, organic materials, herringbone flooring, tiles and finding the perfect wallpaper print. That’s a little insight into my personal interior design style, but it’s been an evolution. I understand that it can be easy to latch on to a particular design style that is having a moment and I particularly remember doing this with Scandinavian Interior Design many years ago, which is ironic as I’d describe myself as being much more of a maximalist now.


For me personally, I can appreciate the beauty of most interior design styles and don’t feel the need to pin-point myself to just one. In fact, I love mixing the old with the new, having influences from different cultures and creating something unexpected. There is nothing better than an antique shop find that will sit perfectly in a recently refurbished contemporary kitchen, or an ornament you found during your travels sitting like it belongs in amongst your UK possessions.
I’ve been heavily influenced by both my fashion background and my travels over the years. From colours and fabrics appearing on the runway, Australia’s coastal and Scandi influenced designs, to living in Latin America and appreciating the colonial architecture, colourful buildings and textiles, as well as the heavy Spanish influence. The more I read; learn and travel, the more inspired I become with different design choices. There are many different design styles out there, but don’t worry; you don’t need to pick just one! I certainly haven’t.
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Consider the Architecture

If you are really passionate about one style in particular then lean into that. For example, if you’ve always loved Industrial Interior Design and have recently moved into a loft-space or are opening a coffee shop in a warehouse conversion, then it would be a no-brainer to create an industrial led design concept. Equally, if you want a modern design and have just bought a new-build home, that should be a fairly straight-forward brief.
If there isn’t a specific theme you want to follow, some of your design choices may be led by the other factors such as the building you are renovating. If you’ve recently bought a Victorian terrace in London or a flat in an Art Deco building, it might not make sense to go down a Bohemian Interior Design scheme and instead tap into some of the buildings heritage and character. That’s not to say you have to be led by the architecture, every project will have a completely different brief and sometimes the unexpected can create the most creative and exciting outcomes.
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Avoid Trends

My advice is to not blindly follow a trend – there is beauty in the juxtaposition of different design choices that will result in a unique story about who you are as a homeowner or shop owner.
So what is my interior design style? I still haven’t chosen a lane! For me it is more important to select individual items that I love so that they have meaning and longevity. Remember that a good interior designer will work with you to understand so much more than just one style that you like, although of course there is nothing wrong with having a favourite style. They will also be able to interpret what you want (and what you didn’t know you wanted) by asking you lots of questions and getting to know you, rather than being influenced by their own personal taste and this is really important when it comes to selecting your interior designer.
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Working with Clients

Ultimately an interior designer wants to create a space that will speak to you and your personality, whilst also withstanding the test of time. Project Miraflores was a great example of how we addressed our clients brief. They asked for a colourful and modern space that still felt cosy and functional for a growing family. 

In my next blog post, I’ll be writing about what an interior designer does and how to get the best out of your interior designer. You can also stay up to date with what is happening at Katie Ella Perry Interiors by following us on Instagram.